Make Your Dream True By Owning Your Own Farm
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Own 1 acre land in 100 acres Pomegranate farm and earn minimum 2-3 lakhs per year from 4th to 25th year

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Welcome to DreamFarm

Now a days Agriculture is not so easy as earlier because of lot of challenges like Managing labor, Farm Equipment, Dealing with local authorities, Increase in land prices and Infrastructure Issues such as electricity, water supply and road etc. When we individually go for completing all the necessary process, it consumes lot of money and time, especially when you are employed or doing any business. Having interest in farming you are staying away of it just to avoid above challenges. To ease this challenges, we are here to associate with you to save your money and valuable time. We are here just to support you to make your Dream of owning your own farm by managing all challenges and with opportunity to earn regular returns on your investment and price appreciation.

What We Do?

United We Stand
You and We Together can create a Dream Farm and earn lot of Income

Legal Clearance
We help you to clear all the legal formalities and register the land
Man Power Supply
We have a team of experts to help you in farming activities and increase the productivity
All the facilities like water, electricity will be provided by us as per the requirements

Our Current Project

Mula Dam

In our current project we have located 124 acres of land near Mula dam of Rahuri in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. Mula dam is one of the largest dam of Maharashtra and having good water reserve, secondly a River is also passing through the above mentioned land, so we have both the option for keeping water supply active throughout year further this land location is very closed to Mula dam due to which ground water lever is also very good which alone can fulfil your water requirement.
Farm location is 30-35 km from Ahmednagar, 120-125 km from pune, 180-190 km from Nashik and 185-190 km from Kalyan (Mumbai)

We studied environment and tested soil quality and considering other factor we have decided to go for Pomegranate farming for all remaining person who don’t want to cultivate or manage specific farm for any other corp.

100 Acres Pomegranate Farm Project

Pomegranate is having good domestic as well as international market and giving good return over period of 24-28 years in one time cultivation. It’s maintenance and farm management cost is very low as compare to earning.

Land Allocation For Other Farm

If you don’t want to be part of pomegranate farm and you have your own plan to execute we allocate this land to you where you can cultivate and manage your farm as per your wish. If you want any support from us we can provide you all required infrastructure like farm equipment and labor as per your requirements and needs. If you have any other proposal we welcome that too.

Pomegranate Farming

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